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Side mounted vehicle-mounted awning 5700

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Side mounted vehicle-mounted awning 5700

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Detailed introduction

Professional outdoor car awning, standard car awning, non-simplified car awning, reliable quality, easy to use, manual electrically optional, 100% waterproof outdoor special fabrics, non-ordinary fabrics comparable. Vehicle outdoor retractable sunshade tent, high strength aluminum alloy skeleton. Factory direct sales, ultra-high cost performance, service assurance.

The main body adopts full aluminium structure, light weight and small volume.

Sunshade fabrics are imported PVC materials which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and have better rainproof effect.

The driving mode is manual and 12V flashlight, which is more convenient.

Sunshade fabric can be selected in various colors and styles.


(1) To avoid unnecessary tension on the awning. We recommend that the bracket be opened about one meter as the side of the vehicle.

(2) Connect the adjacent hinges and point its support toward you.

(3) Undertake the spending pillar.

(4) Reduce the support as shown in the figure.

(5) After the awning is fully opened, adjust the support at the selected height.

(6) In order to avoid the awning being raised by an unexpected gust of wind, it is necessary to ensure that the hooks provided by the pillars on the ground. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you also use some storm connections at the top of each support foot or anchor awning to tie the Fiama straps tightly.

(7) If you want to fix the support post to the vehicle, insert the terminal into the bracket arm, and the bracket can only be fixed at the reinforcement point.

(8) We would like to remind you that your awning is sunscreen, so please roll up your awning in the case of wind, rain or snow. Otherwise, take the following precautions: reduce the tension rafters on one side of the awning (excluding the length of the awning) as shown in the figure so that the water can run away.

Make sure the awning is fully rolled up: when rolled up, the red fabric is invisible. Make sure the awning closes properly before leaving. Damaged fabrics do not allow the awning to be rolled up completely. Don't use a sunshade for a damaged canopy. Wash the canopy with a bright detergent.






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