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Side mounted vehicle-mounted awning 5600

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Side mounted vehicle-mounted awning 5600

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Detailed introduction

Professional outdoor car awning, standard car awning, non-simplified car awning, reliable quality, easy to use, manual electrically optional, 100% waterproof outdoor special fabrics, non-ordinary fabrics comparable. Vehicle outdoor retractable sunshade tent, high strength aluminum alloy skeleton. Factory direct sales, ultra-high cost performance, service assurance.

Accessory device

(1) Products must be installed by professionals.

(2) Your vehicle requires the seller to inspect the wall of the vehicle and verify the location of the reinforcement point.

(3) After confirming the enhancement point, the appropriate bracket should be selected.

(4) The sign of the fastening point should be marked on the outer wall of the vehicle. Remember to accept the tension of the telescopic arm. The bracket needs to be completely fixed behind the adhesive so that it can support the awning. It is necessary that the bracket be fixed at the same distance to ensure the horizontal installation of the awning.

(5) Before drilling, make sure there are no obstacles inside, such as power cables, gas passage tubes, etc.

(6) Fix the bracket, but be careful not to over-tighten the bracket plate of the nut.

(7) Place the awning on the bracket and tighten it according to the instructions. 








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