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Double-door BCD-98 locks for refrigerators

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Double-door BCD-98 locks for refrigerators

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Detailed introduction

Vehicle refrigerators refer to refrigerators that can be carried on cars. Vehicle refrigerator is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment popular in the international market in recent years.

There are mainly two kinds of refrigerators on the market, one is semi-conductor refrigerators, whose principle is refrigeration by electronic chips; the other is compressor refrigerators, compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerators, refrigeration temperature is low, for - 18 degrees 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, ice-making, fresh-keeping, large volume

Vehicle refrigerators are the continuation of household refrigerators, which can be refrigerated by semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology or compressor. Generally, it has less noise and less pollution. The refrigeratory can be cooled by inserting the power plug into the smoke hole.

There are mainly two kinds of refrigerators on the market. One is the semi-conductor refrigerator on the car. Its principle is to refrigerate by electronic chips and form thermocouple pairs by using P-N junctions made of special semi-conductor materials. This is a new refrigeration method by DC electric refrigeration. The refrigeration temperature ranges from 5 to 65 degrees. The advantages of this kind of refrigerator are not only refrigeration but also heating, environmental protection, pollution-free, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise and long service life. The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the refrigeration temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the refrigeration can not reach below zero, and the capacity is small. The other is the compressor on-board refrigerator. Compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerator. The refrigeration temperature is low, which is - 18 degrees 10 degrees. Refrigeration efficiency, ice-making, fresh-keeping, large volume, is the mainstream direction of the future development of vehicle refrigerators. But this kind of refrigerator is heavy, inconvenient to carry and expensive. Compressors for automotive refrigerators are mainly produced in Germany and Japan.





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