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Overhead air conditioning

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Overhead air conditioning

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Vehicle-mounted air conditioning is definitely more suitable, generally divided into two types, the top air conditioning and the bottom air conditioning. The general power is 2400W refrigeration, 1700W heating, and the working temperature range is about 4-43 degrees C.

The installation height of top air-conditioning will increase about 25cm of the vehicle's height, which needs to be taken into account. The installation of top air-conditioning must be waterproof, because the condensed water discharged from the compressor outside the vehicle will not infiltrate into the carriage, and the later maintenance and replacement will be relatively convenient.

Top-mounted air-conditioning is mainly composed of generator, condenser, evaporator and absorber. The price of top-mounted air-conditioning is determined by the number of indoor units, brand and equipment of control system. At present, the price of top-mounted air-conditioning varies greatly among different materials on the market. Because top-mounted air-conditioning adopts the form of four-sided outflow, compressor must guarantee certain power value in operation to achieve good refrigeration effect.

The thinnest fuselage (cb series) in the industry, only 220 mm in height, streamlined appearance design, reducing wind resistance, compact and beautiful

Advanced computer board and remote control design, easy to precise control of air conditioning

Heat pump (including auxiliary electric heating function) and electric heating two heating schemes can ensure that you can enjoy spring-like warmth regardless of the cold area you are in.

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