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Single door 50 with lock

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Single door 50 with lock

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Detailed introduction

RV refrigerator is the continuation of household refrigerators. RV refrigerator uses imported vehicle compressor and can also be used with a 45 degree inclination angle. Compressor refrigeration has no noise. The refrigeratory can be cooled by inserting the power plug into the smoke hole.

RV refrigerator, is a compressor refrigeration technology, refrigeration temperature is low to - 18 degrees 10 degrees. It has high refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh and has large volume. But this kind of refrigerator is heavy, inconvenient to carry and expensive. Compressors for RV refrigerators are mainly produced in Germany and Japan.

Safety precautions:

Power cord and plug with specification of 1.5_2 and fuse of 10A are used.

Batteries and wiring are recommended to be used separately. Batteries should be kept fully charged at all times.

It is not allowed to sprinkle water directly outside the refrigerator or inside the box, otherwise it will cause short circuit or damage to the electrical appliances.

Volatile substances and alcohol/gasoline/lighter gas/banana water/etc. are not allowed to be stored in refrigerators to avoid explosion.

It is forbidden to spray inflammable materials near refrigerators in order to avoid causing fire.

No direct contact with compressor and condensation pipe is allowed, because sometimes the temperature can reach scald level.

Refrigerators can't store medicinal products such as serum, vaccines and so on with strict temperature requirements.

Refrigerator uses environmental friendly refrigerant 134a, do not add other types of refrigerant into the system.








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