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The working principle of inverters is briefly described.

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The working principle of inverters is briefly described.

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The working principle of RV inverters is briefly described.

Overhead air conditioning


Inverter is one of the most important equipments in power system. It can convert DC power into AC power. At present, inverters are composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit, and are widely used in various household appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, computers.

Inverter is a kind of DC to AC transformer, which is a conversion engineering of electric energy. The converter can convert the AC voltage of the power grid into a constant value (12V) output, while the inverter converts the 12V DC voltage of the Adapter output into a high voltage AC current.

Whether it is a converter or an inverter, it uses pulse width modulation (PWM) technology. The core system of this technology is composed of a PWM integrated controller, an adapter of UC3842 and a TL5001 chip for inverters. Generally, the voltage range of TL5001 chip is between 3.6 and 40 volt-amperes. In addition, an error amplifier and a regulator are installed inside the chip to protect the low voltage circuit and short circuit circuit circuit.

Inverter is the basic equipment that can not be separated from household appliances at present. It can provide relatively stable current for household appliances and make them work normally. At the same time, when the inverter is in working state, it will consume part of the power itself, so its input power is obviously higher than the output power. Therefore, the efficiency of the inverter should be carefully calculated when it is used, that is, the ratio of output power to input power. Only in this way can the reasonable input of electric energy be guaranteed, and the electrical appliances can be guaranteed to work normally.

The function of inverters determines their role in products. Therefore, a better inverter is needed for general electrical appliances.

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