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Chinas Inverter Acceptance Continuously Rises

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Chinas Inverter Acceptance Continuously Rises

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China's Inverter Acceptance Continuously Rises

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According to IHS Technology's latest report, cascade inverters are increasingly used in megawatt photovoltaic systems. About 40% of inverters buyers said that series inverters are suitable for photovoltaic projects with installed capacity greater than 1 MW.

According to a survey by IHS, more than 300 solar installers, distributors and EPC companies say they are increasingly inclined to use series inverters.

According to the report, more than 200 buyers of photovoltaic series inverters were surveyed. About 80% of buyers said they might use series inverters in systems larger than 100kW. Nearly half of the respondents indicated that they were considering using series inverters in systems larger than 1 MW, compared with 17% last year.

"The survey results show that people's acceptance of the view that series inverters are used in large-scale systems has been increasing in the past year, which also confirms IHS's prediction that series inverters will occupy market share in several key photovoltaic markets." Cormac Gilligan, a senior photovoltaic market analyst at IHS, said: "Buyers who prefer to use series inverters rather than central inverters in large systems believe that the former system is more flexible and can minimize losses."

According to IHS forecast, the shipment of low power three-phase inverters will increase by 14% annually in the next four years. In 2017, shipments of this type of inverters reached about 20 gigawatts.

It is reported that in the past few years, the use of series inverters has been limited to small-scale photovoltaic power generation facilities.

China's Inverter Acceptance Continuously Rises

According to IHS's report, Customer Survey of Photovoltaic Inverters, the popularity of Chinese-made inverters continues to grow in markets such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The report points out that Chinese inverters suppliers seem to be committed to overcoming the traditional notion that the quality of products made in China is not high. Nearly half of the buyers believe that Chinese-made inverters are of high quality. Gilligan commented that the global acceptance of Chinese inverters has increased in the second year. Last year's survey showed that about 60% of inverters buyers in Britain considered buying Chinese-made inverters, while 40% in the United States.

"Over the past two years, driven by attractive FIT policies, the UK solar market has been booming. However, with the continued reduction of FIT subsidy rates, the country's photovoltaic market has gradually shifted to stable growth and low cost. Gilligan pointed out that "due to the pressure of high prices, the UK has become one of the important strategic markets for Chinese suppliers. Prices in the UK have begun to fall steadily, given the regular cuts in FIT subsidy rates and the fact that many systems are designed to meet the minimum renewable energy requirements for new buildings.

Increasing market share of micro-inverters

According to the survey, in 2013, more and more customers began to use micro-inverters. At present, 42% of customers have adopted this kind of product.

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