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What are the different types of car shades?

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What are the different types of car shades?

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What are the different types of car shades?

RV awning

RV sunshade can be seen everywhere in people's lives, especially in cities, which can solve the problem of outdoor parking very well, because if the vehicle is parked outdoors for a long time, after sunshine and rain, it is easy to cause damage to the car paint, so the car shed is a very good tool. Membrane structure is the best choice in the choice of car shed, because it can better protect the vehicle, and the aging speed of the vehicle can be effectively slowed down. If from an economic point of view, its cost-effective is very good, with less investment can greatly extend the service life of vehicles, I hope you will have some gains in it.

Various types of sunshade for RV

1. Colored steel shed, the structure of this kind of shed is very simple, generally round tube type, its roof is generally used colored steel.

2. Sunshine board shed, its canopy material is generally sunshine board, the performance of sunshine board is very high quality, its transparency is very high, the quality is very light, the impact-resistant effect is very strong, sound insulation and heat insulation effect is very good, but also can resist aging. Its technology content is very high, its comprehensive performance is very high, and it is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection material. It has a wide range of uses. It has the incomparable performance advantages of glass, plexiglass and other decorative materials. It can be seen in the sunshine ceiling and sunshade awning of commercial, factories, stadiums and other places. It is also used in telephone kiosks, newspaper kiosks, stations and other public facilities.

3. Endurance board shed, its canopy material is generally endurance board, endurance board has many advantages, such as transparency, weather resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, temperature resistance, portability, sound insulation and other performance advantages.

4. Membrane structure car shed, its canopy material is generally membrane structure, its ** characteristics are that its strength is very high, durability is particularly good, can be fireproof, self-cleaning performance is also excellent. Ultraviolet radiation will not affect the use of the process, the service life can generally reach 15 years. Its transmittance is also very high, generally up to 13%, while the heat absorption is very small. To some extent, its invention is epoch-making and a symbol of modernization.

Membrane structure car shed is a widely used kind of car shed. Its advantages and performance are beyond the comparison of other car shed. I hope that the above inventory of the type of car shed can give you a better understanding of the car shed.

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