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What is the efficiency of RV Inverters

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What is the efficiency of RV Inverters

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What is the efficiency of RV Inverters

RV Inverter


1. What is the efficiency of RV inverters?

The RV inverter itself also consumes part of the power when it works, and its input power is greater than its output power. That is to say, the efficiency of the inverter is the ratio of input power to output power. An inverter inputs 100 watts of direct current and outputs 80 watts of alternating current, so its efficiency is 80%.

2. What is continuous output power? What is peak output power?

Some electrical appliances and tools using motors, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric drills, etc., need a lot of current to drive at the moment of start-up. Once the start-up is successful, only a small current is needed to maintain its normal operation. So for the inverters, there are also the concepts of continuous output power and peak output power. The continuous output power is the rated output power; the peak output power is usually twice the rated output power. It is worth noting that the starting current of air conditioners and refrigerators is 3-9 times of the normal working current. In order to ensure the normal operation of electrical appliances, it is necessary to have an inverter that can satisfy the peak power of electrical appliances.

3. How to connect the inverter to the power supply and load?

The 150-watt inverter plug can be directly inserted into the cigarette lighter socket by using electrical appliances below 100 watt. More than 150 watts of inverters are connected directly to the battery through the alligator clamp wire, red wire is connected to the battery positive pole, black wire is connected to the battery negative pole. If the place of use is far away from the battery, the principle of connecting the inverter and the battery is that the connection between the inverter and the battery should be as short as possible, while the output line of 220 volt AC is longer.

4. How much power can the car cigarette lighter outlet output?

Generally from the cigarette lighter outlet, the inverter should be able to drive a power of 100 watts of electrical appliances.

5. Can the inverter be used when the automobile engine is turned off?

Yes, when using low-power electrical appliances below 300 watts, the general car battery can provide about 25-55 minutes of power when the engine is turned off, such as a 40-watt laptop, which takes longer to use. Generally, there are under-voltage warning and under-voltage protection circuits in the inverters. When the voltage drops to 10 volts due to long-term use of batteries, the under-voltage protection circuit starts, and the output voltage is cut off and alarmed to prevent the accident that the batteries can not start the engine because of the low voltage.

6. What if you want to use the inverter for a long time without starting the engine?

Another batteries are prepared, and the positive and negative poles are connected with the positive and negative poles of the original car battery by thick enough wires respectively. The independent use time of the inverters can be doubled.

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