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How to Maintain the Sunshade of RV

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How to Maintain the Sunshade of RV

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How to Maintain the Sunshade of RV

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RV awning is a very practical tool for RV outdoor camping life. When you go camping, it can shade the sun and rain for you. It can also add artistic conception for you when you are talking about tea with your friends during the 35th five-year plan. How can we not take good care of the equipment used so frequently when the RV goes out? Therefore, it is very important to ensure the proper maintenance of the sunshade awnings! uuuuuuuuuu

For the maintenance of sunshade, we need to pay attention to two aspects:

First, in every season, we need to conduct targeted investigation on the hardware part of the awning.

Second, regular oil should be applied to the buttons, handles and knobs of the awning.

For such practical and ordinary parts as sunshade awning, the probability of damage is quite large. The main cause of damage is water accumulation and strong wind. In general, such damage is identified as man-made damage and is not guaranteed. Therefore, when using sunshade awning, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. When using sunshade awning on rainy days, we should keep the sunshade awning tilted so that rainwater can flow down the inclined angle without causing water accumulation in the sunshade awning.

2. When there is a strong wind or nobody near the car, the sunshade should be put away.

3. When applying lubricating oil, we should try to avoid oil stains falling on the sunshade canopy, because lubricating oil is the extract of crude oil, which will damage the sunshade canopy.

Although at present, the common sunshade awning on the market of RV sunshade is made of vinyl plastic, in the normal use process, this material will not be mildewed, but often camping, branches, dust and other attachments will constantly accumulate on the canvas in the process of perennial use, or will produce mildew over a long period of time, so in order to ensure that. It is unavoidable to clean the awning regularly for its service life.

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