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How to Clean up the Sunshade of RV

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How to Clean up the Sunshade of RV

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How to Clean up the Sunshade of RV

RV awning

In the cleaning of sunshade, we can also be divided into two aspects:

1. Regular management. This aspect is relatively simple, just need to flush the tarpaulin with hose regularly. (Pay attention to drying after rinsing and then collecting)

2. Cleaning and cleaning. This aspect may be more complex, and there will be some emphasis on its implementation.

1. Special detergent for sunshade awning should be selected for cleaning. Of course, car owners who like to start can also mix their own detergents: 1/4 cups of detergent + 1/4 cups of household bleach + 5 gallons of water (18.92 liters) can be mixed;

2. When cleaning, the tent should be spread out, cleaned preliminarily with a soft brush or dry mop or sponge, then washed the front of the tent with a detergent, rolled up for a few minutes, then rinsed with clean water, dried and then collected.

3. For those mildew, we also have some solutions:

Four ounces of chlorine bleaching agent (113.3 grams), two ounces of soap (56.6 grams) and a gallon of water (3.7 liters) were mixed to prepare a detergent.

Firstly, roll up the awning, then extend the awning cloth about one-third of its length, apply cleaner on the front of the awning cloth, and then sweep the dirt off the surface with a soft brush.

Repeat the steps above again. After cleaning the whole canopy, roll the canopy up for about half an hour and then stretch it out. Rinse the positive and negative sides with clean water and rinse the dirt clean again and again. (Thoroughly rinsing the detergent is very important for the recovery of the waterproof function of the canopy and should be treated with caution.)

After cleaning, air it naturally and then put it away.

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