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In addition to shading, the RV awning has these unknown uses.

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In addition to shading, the RV awning has these unknown uses.

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In addition to shading, the RV awning has these unknown uses.

RV awning

Sunshade, as the most common modification of the appearance of the RV, I believe that its function does not need the author to elaborate too much. Friends who have used RV should have enjoyed leisure time under the sunshade. But is the shade really the only function? Today, Xiaobian of Changzhou Hailinger Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. talks with you about the unknown use of the shade of the RV.

Clothes hanger

After a long journey to a beautiful place, I found that there was no place for washing clothes to dry. There were trees around, so pulling a clothesline could solve the problem. If it is in the open grassland, can wet clothes only hang in the bathroom? In fact, there is already a solution on the roof of the RV.

We take the common Fiama shade as an example. There are reserved grooves on the shade. As long as the shade is hooked, the shade can be turned into a clothes hanger in minutes.

Henceforth, there is no need to worry about clothes drying nowhere.

Tent house

In summer, I want to chat outside the car, even take the sky as the quilt, take the earth as the bed, and have a close contact with nature. However, mosquitoes rage and can not be disturbed. A tent cottage, you deserve it.

It's still Fiama's product. It's small in size and won't take up too much storage space in the car.

With a shade as a frame, it is easy to install without holes, even shorter than when you set up a tent.

Compared with ordinary tents, the space is more spacious, unrestrained and not oppressive.

The only disadvantage of such a perfect product is that its price is too high.

Okay, that's the end of today's content. If you know the other expanding uses of sunshade, you are welcome to share with us. 

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