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Correct Maintenance of RV Sunshade and Effective Extension of Service Life of Tape

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Correct Maintenance of RV Sunshade and Effective Extension of Service Life of Tape

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Correct Maintenance of RV Sunshade and Effective Extension of Service Life of Tape

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Sunshade is a necessity for outdoor camping life of RV. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of sunshade is also very important. The following is a brief summary of the maintenance and cleanliness of the sunshade awning for RV riders.

Maintenance of sunshade canopy is mainly divided into two aspects: first, every season, the hardware part of the sunshade canopy should be targeted investigation; second, regular lubrication of buttons, handles and knobs.

Water accumulation and strong wind are the main causes of sunshade damage, and in general, these damages will be identified as man-made damage, not to be guaranteed, so drivers should keep the sunshade tilted when they use it in rainy days, and in unused or windy weather, it is best to roll up and put it away. In addition, we all know that lubricating oil is an extract of crude oil, which is harmful to tarpaulins. Therefore, when applying lubricating oil, we should try to avoid oil stains falling on the tarpaulins.

At present, the common sunshade canopy on the market is made of vinyl plastic. This material will not mildew during normal use. However, tree juice, dust and other attachments will accumulate in patches on the surface of the tarpaulin in the course of perennial use, resulting in mildew. Therefore, in order to reduce the damage of the tarpaulin, owners need to clean the tarpaulin regularly.

The cleaning work of sunshade canopy can be divided into two aspects: routine cleaning and cleaning. The former is relatively simple, as long as regularly (preferably counted monthly) with hose to wash the tarpaulin. Attention should be paid to curling the awning after rinsing, so as to reduce bacterial growth, while the latter is a little fastidious in the specific operation, as follows:

Car owners can choose to use the special sunshade detergent sold on the market for cleaning. But in addition, experienced car owners recommend self-mixing detergents to enjoy self-sufficiency. Specific "formula" is as follows: 1/4 cup of detergent + 1/4 cup of household bleach + 5 gallons of water (18.92 liters) can be blended.

Cleaning is also tricky. Experienced car owners will first unfold the tarpaulin, use a soft brush (or dry mop, sponge, etc.) for preliminary cleaning, then use a good detergent to wash the front of the shade, roll it up for a few minutes, then unfold, rinse it with clean water, dry it, roll it up and put it away.

There are also great ways to deal with the mildew on the tarpaulin. Take 4 ounces of chlorine bleach (113.3 grams), 2 ounces of soap (56.6 grams), and mix 1 gallon of water (3.7 liters) for cleaning. The specific steps are as follows:

First roll up the awning, then stretch out about a third of the length of the awning cloth, and then start cleaning. First coat with a good detergent, then use a soft brush to clean the dirt on the surface of the awning cloth. This cleaning is limited to the front of the awning cloth. Repeat the above steps, after cleaning the whole awning cloth, roll up the awning for about 30 minutes, then stretch out, and repeatedly rinse the positive and negative sides of the awning cloth with clean water. Flour until cleaner is removed; let the awning dry naturally.

Note: It is very important to wash out the detergent thoroughly to restore the waterproof function of the awning, so it must be treated with caution.

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